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Mar 14, 2019

Smart Water Heaters That Recognize You and 5 Other Home Predictions

If you Google “homes of the future”, you’ll find endless articles about cool gadgets and new technologies that will...
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Oct 24, 2017

How Much Water Does the Average American Waste?

You know that moment well: You’ve turned on the shower, the water is running,...
Oct 10, 2017

An Instant Water Heater Makes Hand Washing Much Safer

Did you know that October 15th is Global Handwashing Day? Founded by the Global...
Sep 28, 2017

10 Reasons to Take a Hot Bath or Shower | An Electric Instant Water Heater May Be Good for Your Health

As a working parent with little free time, I often feel guilty when I sneak...
Sep 12, 2017

Why Tankless Electric Water Heaters Will Probably Save You Money

With the invention of tankless electric water heaters, consumers are promised a...
Aug 22, 2017

Yikes! What's In Your Electric Hot Water Tank May Shock You.

August Is Water Quality Month Considering that the heat index in Charleston was...
Aug 8, 2017

Hot Water Tank vs. Tankless Water Heater: What’s the Difference?

Maybe you are building your first home? Or perhaps you’re remodeling your older...