Jan 13, 2022

BASF to Exclusively Supply Heatworks with High Performing Detergent Solutions for the Tetra Countertop Dishwasher System

Heatworks and BASF - the world's largest chemical company - have completed the development of the detergent self-dosing cartridge system for award-winning Tetra countertop dishwasher. This marks the transition into a commercial production agreement for the cartridges.

Tetra, the world’s only fully self-contained dishwasher (patent pending), is planned for availability Q2 2022 in the United States. Heatworks uses its patented technologies to improve the cleaning efficiency of Tetra. Tetra_angle_loaded_20211110


BASF supported Heatworks to identify the optimal cleansing solution for the Tetra system. The Tetra system features a wash capacity of up to three full place settings with just three liters of water. Thus, the Tetra system cleans 50 percent more dishes using 40 percent less water in 55 percent of the time than the leading countertop dishwasher, according to Heatworks.

“Our cartridge system delivers specific chemistry solutions tailored to cleaning dishes with less water. Thus, we can maximize the performance of the Tetra delivering best-in-class cleaning and drying performance”, said Jerry Callahan, CEO of Heatworks. “The partnership with BASF was very fruitful for us. We profited from each other’s know-how and jointly developed the first-of-its-kind self-dosing and tailored multi-use cleaning cartridge system in less than a year. We very much look forward to the official market launch of the Tetra dishwasher in 2022”.

“BASF is committed to enabling efficient and sustainable cleaning solutions, so Heatworks’ Tetra is a perfect fit for us”, said Robert Parker, Director of New Business Development & Digital Officer, Care Chemicals at BASF. “We are delighted to support our customers with innovative cleaning concepts that improve the performance of their products. Heatworks’ Tetra is a great example of BASF innovation support.”

Tetra’s cleaning cartridges are designed to deliver custom dosing, to give the best all-around cleaning on different types of dishware. The cartridges are designed for up to 20 loads when used in accordance with system design and capacity. Cartridge supply subscriptions will be available to Tetra system owners.

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